Jonas Bendiksen: The Last Testament

September 29th
@Salt, Ardna


Shoot Gallery and the Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen are presenting The Last Testament.

Jonas Bendiksen has interviewed and photographed 6 men around the world who claim to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Last Testament investigates the boundaries of religious faith, and a world in need of salvation, yearning for a new prophet. Whether escaping an angry mob in the streets with the Jesus of Kitwe, joining a Messianic birthday pilgrimage in Siberia or witnessing the End of Days with Moses in South Africa, Bendiksen immerses himself among the disciples of each of them. 

At The Big O, Jonas will do a 45 minutes slideshow from his meetings with 6 of the 7 messiases in the book. The slide show will be held in Oslo, New York, London, Paris and Helsinki during the exhibition period.