Art in Ekebergparken.jpg

Art in Ekebergparken

September 15th
5.00 pm - 9.00 pm
Tram 18 or 19 to Ekebergparken


Nakaya (born in 1933) made her first public fog sculpture at the world’s fair, Expo ‘70 in Osaka. Since then she has exhibited sky sculptures at large museums and art events worldwide. The fog sculpture will be at the park from September 10 to 17. The cooperation was initiated by Oslo Art Association and developed in cooperation with Ultimafestivalen, Statsbygg, the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property, the National Museum, House of Dance and Ekerberg Park.

Guided tour of Ekebergparken with the main emphasis on our site-specific work. The tour will take two hours approx.

Meet at 6 pm at Lunds Hus, Kongsvn 23.

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