Compagnie Furinkaï Origami

September 15th
4.00 pm and 5.30 pm
@Christian Frederiks plass 


Origami is a striking performance art piece and sculpture that combines acrobatics with a modified shipping container.

A container, familiar from the global transport industry, is cut into unusual segments and unfolds before your eyes into something resembling a paper origami shape. As if hatched out of a gigantic steel egg, from inside emerges performance artist Satchie Noro – who proceeds to contort herself into a succession of poses and shapes as the entire structure morphs and unfolds. Balancing on tightropes, trapezes and specially modified foot-and handholds, and swinging an axe around her head, Noro’s precarious aerial choreography will leave you holding your breath. 

Produced by Dansens Hus  in collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.